We regard Japan not as just another country or another culture, the country is often depicted as simply another world for foreigners and even inhabitants. A fascinating and unique island where traditions have been preserved by centuries and innovations are in a constant development. A culture which takes care of the slightest detail in an endless search for achieving greatness but entangled in a complexity of rules and customs far beyond what a visitor can easily realize. In Lujo Asiatico we believe these are the main points about tourism in Japan in strong contrast with other countries that partner agents should understand in order to sell Japan destination to their clients. We have the ultimate experts in Japanese travel and specialize in creating unique, tailor-made out-of-the-box experiences for our customers.

We handle customized private tours based upon the guest wishes with multi-lingual, all based on the focus to surpass clients’ expectations. We take care of the hotel, private guide, and transportation arrangements; supplying unique experiences and activities as many kinds of reservations like exclusive restaurants.

The Tokyo based team is multicultural and includes professionals from various countries, including Japan, Spain, Philippines, and Korea.

With great experience and knowledge of the complexity of the Japanese society and specialized in the design and arrangement of tours exclusively inside Japan.

Service quality and efficiency are usually extremely high, because of the Japanese working culture, however, not many people can speak foreign languages and ways of doing things can differ considerably of what other countries do.

Public transportation is very efficient, but as Japan is a very populated country it can be crowded and difficult to use, with problems during peak/rush times.


We tailor suit the tour itineraries based on the guest preferences and the conditions of the season, with the purpose of providing a flawless travel experience. For getting the most we advise to consult our “Travel Planner section” (only for agents).


We work with certified and experienced guides supervised in Spanish, English and Portuguese, but also Russian, German or French on demand. Please note depending on the area there are limited guides and their schedule can be tight so we strongly encourage to book in advance


We arrange comfortable private transportation services for transfers and tours. For city tours we can provide public transportation and walking tours upon request. For long distance transfers we arrange train/ bullet train if it’s possible.