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Time + Tide Safari

Venturing to the most wild, remote and accessible parts of the Earth, Time + Tide’s family-owned authentic properties are pioneers in luxury Safaris in Zambia. Come, let us show you.

Follow in the footsteps of conservation pioneer Norman Carr and encounter an abundance of wildlife in an unspoiled wilderness.
Experience the ultimate in wild luxury at Zambia’s premier safari camp.
Relax on your verandah overlooking a sweeping curve of the Luangwa River. Let the bellowing hippos lull you to sleep. Wake up with the eye of an elephant just outside your villa.
Named after a type of tree which grows near camp, Time + Tide Chinzombo’s natural building materials and vintage accents blend modern style with the best of a traditional bush safari camp.
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Feel a million miles away at this remote bush camp in walking safari heaven.
Sip your coffee by the campfire as the sun rises over the horizon. Venture out on foot in search of elusive roan antelope, eland and wild dogs. Listen to lion and hyena calls in the inky black night.
An oasis set deep in the heart of South Luangwa National Park, with no other camps for miles around, Time + Tide Luwi is named after the seasonal, temporary river that flows nearby between January and April.
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Watch a parade of wildlife pass by at one of Zambia’s most historical safari camps.
Look up from your hearty breakfast to watch kingfishers hover and dip for a meal. Hold your breath as a herd of elephants makes its way through camp during lunch. At night, listen to lion calls echoing over the dry riverbed as you share stories by the fire.

Unusual birds

Polar expeditions to Antarctica & Arctics

Named after the honeyguide bird, Time + Tide Nsolo plays host to some of the most striking and unusual bird species in South Luangwa National Park.
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Take in spectacular views of the Luangwa River from your perch high above on its bank.
Wake up to a chirping flock of Lilian’s lovebirds stopping by for a morning drink. Pause mid-brunch to welcome a giraffe feeding on nearby trees. Watch a herd of elephants lumber down to the river from the privacy of your outdoor shower.
Kakuli, meaning old buffalo bull, was the nickname given by locals to our pioneering founder Norman Carr who began the tradition of walking safari here in South Luangwa National Park.
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Immerse yourself in wilderness and luxurious comfort at this intimate riverside retreat.
Hear baboons bark and monkeys chat as you follow the flick of a leopard’s tail across the river. Feel your insides vibrate to the roar of a male lion passing through camp in the middle of the night. Sit within reach of an elephant as it feeds on the seed pods just outside your room.
Mchenja is the local name for ebony, and the camp is tucked into a shady ebony grove beside the Luangwa River in the heart of South Luangwa National Park.
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Journey to a kingdom of golden light and vast blue skies, where space is endless and time stands still.


Journey to a kingdom of golden light and vast blue skies, where space is endless and time stands still.
Feel the rhythm drummed by the hooves the wildebeest moving south, the wing beats of cranes taking flight and the distant rumble of a thunderstorm on the horizon. Take in the expanse of wildflowers stretching out across the plains as this vast landscape turns into a watery wonderland.
This camp is named after King Lewanika of the Lozi people, who proclaimed Liuwa Plain a protected area in the early 1880s, making it one of the earliest national parks in Africa. Today it remains an unspoilt area, hosting a pageant of rare game and wild beauty.
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Venture to the edge of a mighty river in the shadow of a mountain, where you’ll feel right at home nestled under a shady grove of trees.


Enjoy the best views in the Lower Zambezi at this family- and elephant-friendly camp.
Venture to the edge of a mighty river in the shadow of a mountain escarpment, where you’ll feel right at home under a shady grove of trees. Wake up from a peaceful nap to the sound of an elephant rubbing against the side of your tent as it lumbers past.
Dotted along the riverbank, Time + Tide Chongwe is set at the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers which wind through the forested valley, creating a haven for wildlife like lions, leopards and wild dog.
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Indulge in luxury and seclusion while immersing yourself in the wildest of settings.
Wake up to birdsong as the sun rises over the Zambezi River, reflecting the colours all around you. Listen to playful vervet monkeys scampering in the canopy as you watch elephants feed on the seed pods dropped from a nearby tree.
Named after indigenous plants growing in the area, the Cassia and Albida Suites are nestled under ancient towering trees at the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers.
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Explore a wild wonderland in this award-winning private home away from home.
Feel life flow like a river – meandering, wild and carefree – as you lounge by your private pool. Come face to face with giants in a land of colossal elephants and ancient baobabs while you glide in a canoe along the reeds.
Time + Tide Chongwe House rests on a peaceful stretch of the Chongwe River, set against a beautiful mountainous backdrop.
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