What We Do


  • Launch of product on given markets, introduction to travel agencies, private concierges, tour operators and wholesalers or family offices (where appropriate) on the designated market
  • Enhanced presence on the market by regular sales visits and personal trainings, attendance of trade- and roadshows on behalf of clients. Maximization of existing relationships.
  • Organization of events, lunches or dinners securing attendance of top travel agencies and travel trade subjects
  • Organization of famtrips (where appropriate) and site inspections
  • Regular monthly reporting of activities and detailed report including follow up after every event attended on behalf of client, tracking ROI. test


  • Assistance with marketing affiliations (Virtuoso, Signature, Amex FHR & Centurion, Traveller Made, Ensemble…), including attendance of its tradeshows and events on behalf of client.
  • Consulting of possible marketing opportunities and assistance or execution of those on behalf of client. Suggestion of cross-promotion and cross-campaigns when required.
  • Regular email marketing and communication (English, German, Spanish) prompt distribution of offers and inclusion in bi-monthly newsletters. Designated exclusive newsletters when required.
  • Organization or personal trainings via webinars on product, news, promotions and offers
  • Negotiation of contribution fees (brochures, marketing opportunities, campaigns)


  • Create an e-commerce strategic plan individually for each market, including strategic key words, timing and scope of e-campaign, consulting of PPC and SEO with clients’ designated person in charge.
  • Social media: Regular promotion on our Facebook and Instagram
  • Social media: Creation and management of Facebook and Instagram on behalf of clients, securing regular posts and building up a steady base of followers.
  • Providing information and proactive suggestions of e-marketing opportunities and initiatives with third parties, execution of those on behalf of client.


  • Revenue management & Reservations: Rate plan and structure, segmentation optimization, reporting setup, channel management, STR, template setups, benchmarking
  • Hotel positioning: complete business analysis and assessment, sales & marketing strategy proposals
  • Creation or assistance with integrated strategic sales & marketing plan in line with goals and budget guidelines
  • Trainings: Sales over the phone, How to close business, Upselling, written communication training for reservations and sales team and front desk