Who we are

GM Selection is a consulting and sales representation company founded in 2018 with the aim to create an elite portfolio of products to be promoted to select agencies, private concierges and family offices across Europe, The Americas and/or Middle East. Our services are suited for niche, independent properties, travel companies, cruises, airlines and private jet enterprises seeking to intensify their presence or launching their product on these significant markets.

Gabriela Markova


Our Concept

Our concept is to have a very select portfolio of products and provide them with an exclusive representative, personal care, individual attention, focused promotion and targeted sales. We have the know-how of selling ‘private’ and ‘exclusive’, the contacts amidst upscale travel agencies, concierges and family offices, and the means to reach the most discerned clientele.

The Essentials

As hoteliers, we understand the essentials, such as, CSFs, RevPar and GOP of our clients.
We respect and support your budgets, enhance your visibility and presence, provide market and compset inteligence, guarantee ROI within a reasonable time range and contribute our expertise to reach your goals and achieve your budget.
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